Puro Sabor Festival
Day 4 - Factory Visits

Factory Visits

The city’s main cigar factories will open their doors for you. You will have the chance to meet the owners, who will personally show you around and tell you everything you need to know about each of the processes involved in manufacturing the main brands. And of course you will have the opportunity to try those brands and become quite an expert. You will have lunch at the La Estrella plantation, which belong to the García family, whose members have channeled all of their efforts and passion into tobacco and build one of the industry’s mos recognized companies: My Father Cigars.

After lunch, you will enjoy the pairing of the most delicious coffee produced in our country and -of course- tobacco. This is a good opportunity to mix two of the preferred tastes of many palates. There will also be a panel discussion in which experts will share thier impressions of the industry and a press conference during which an important announcement will be made. At the end of the afternoon, you will have a couple of hours to rest and recharge your batteries before a traditional dinner at night accompanied by music and dance with colorful national folk costumes.