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The Nicaraguan Chamber of Tobacco

§ The Nicaraguan Chamber of Tobacco is an organization established in 2008 that represents the interests of the most important tobacco growers and cigar makers in Nicaragua. It is constituted by 27 companies that together represent 95% of all the national production of tobacco and cigars. Our objective is to promote the image of Nicaraguan grown tobacco and Nicaraguan made cigars, while defending the interests of our consumers, our companies and our workers.

What is included in the festival ?

Your participation fee for the festival includes all these benefits plus an unforgettable and unique experience

Lodging (Hotels) for 5 nights 
Meals Tuesday to Saturday
Transportation from 22th to 27th January 2018
Access to all events

Unique gift pack: official Guayabera,Tshirt, cigars box and souvenirs
All you can smoke cigars

What to bring ?

You can find almost anything here in Nicaragua, but we recommend you bring the basics

Medicine for chronic disease
Comfortable shoes to walk
Comfortable clothing (Day)
Elegant clothing (last night event).

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